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Ingrid pulls the threads together for newcomers

A hub for information aims to simplify the process for migrant workers.
"It's a busy and intense process to move from another country to Norway. There is a great need for information, and migrant workers and employers are left to themselves. There are few contact points where they receive information and guidance on immigration and integration processes," says Ingrid Mathisen, project manager for The Information Hub in Rana municipality.

The "ball-tossing system"
 There is an incredible amount of things to arrange before and after moving, such as applications, registrations, and documents. This includes visits to the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI), the police, and the Norwegian Tax Administration (Skatteetaten) during the immigration process.

"We have worked on mapping user journeys in the system, where we can distinguish between three groups: Nordic citizens, EU/EEA citizens, and third-country nationals," says Mathisen.

The latter refers to those coming from outside the EU/EEA system.

"There are different legislations, rules, and requirements for these groups, and it affects their immigration and integration processes," she explains.

There are few contact points where they receive information and guidance on these processes.
"As a result, it can take a long time, require significant resources, and involve many rounds before a worker with a partner and children is settled in Mo i Rana," says Mathisen.

The Hub
Fortunately, Rana municipality, through Rana Library, has employed Ingrid Mathisen  as a project manager to pull the threads together.The aim is to make the process of immigration and settlement easier for international newcomers. The goal is for migrant workers to find all the information they need in one place—a project and concept called The Information Hub. Here, newcomers can receive information and guidance on moving and settling in Rana municipality.

The first part of the project focused on mapping the process of immigration and settlement in Norway, from leaving another country to arriving in Norway. The Information Hub has been part of the New in Nordland project (see pages 10-11). The Information Hub project has identified the needs of different groups in terms of what they require before and after departure and what they need when they arrive in Mo i Rana, she explains.
The project has involved several partners and stakeholders in the municipality, business community, and civil society. Currently, the project is in the second phase, where the results from the mapping process contributes to tailored solutions for newcomers.

"The Information Hub will be both a physical and digital concept. People can book individual appointments in advance for personal questions or tailored information and guidance. There will also be opportunities for drop-in sessions for general questions and answers," concludes the project manager.
For those in need of information and guidance, Rana Library is the meeting place.

Fact Box: The Information Hub
  • The Information Hub aims to make the process of immigration and settlement easier for international newcomers.
  • The project is funded by the National Library and owned by Rana Library.
  • The project works closely with other municipalities and stakeholders in Norway and Scandinavia, exploring national and regional solutions for newcomers.
  • The Information Hub is located at Rana Library.

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