Rana Region Business Assocation

We promote the interests of the business sector in the Rana region.

Through creating networks and arenas for our members, and active advocacy work, we strive for creating optimal conditions for businesses in our region.

The history of the association is traced back to 1932, with the founding of an organisation for the retail sector. Today, the Rana Region Business Assocation represents the interests of around 400 businesses, within a wide variety of different sectors. Our values are to be proactive, build community and uphold credibility. We promote diversity, cooperation and openness in all of our endeavours.


kart mo i rana

Move to Mo i Rana

Welcome to Norway´s green industrial capital. Here, urban life merges with closeness to spectacular nature and the possibility for the simple, safe life. With breath-taking nature and scenery as a backdrop, the municipality strives to deliver optimal conditions to thrive for you and your family.

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